Google Gift Card

Might I at any point pull out cash from Google Play?

Put it in a bank account: Your Google Play balance cannot be officially withdrawn to a bank account or any other payment method.

How would I cash my Google card?

Move cash out of Google Pay (US as it were)
Open the Google Pay application .
On the upper right of the home screen, tap your profile symbol.
Tap Google Pay balance under your profile.
Tap Move out .
Enter the sum you need to move.
Tap Straightaway.
Pick an installment technique. …
Tap Move out.

How much is Google Play gift voucher?

The ongoing pace of Google Play gift vouchers in Nigeria is somewhere in the range of 490 and 510 naira for every dollar. The financial worth you receive as a trade-off for selling your Google Play gift voucher is subject to the exchanging stage. You likewise get various returns relying upon the group of the gift voucher.

Could I at any point trade Google Play gift voucher?

The Gift voucher isn’t redeemable for cash or different cards, isn’t reloadable or refundable, can’t be joined with other non-Google Play adjusts in your Google Installments account, and can’t be exchanged, traded or moved for esteem, besides as legally necessary.

Might I at any point utilize Google Pay at ATM?

You can use Google Wallet to withdraw money from any contactless ATM. It’s not difficult to utilize, and you gain admittance to a few fast assets. Normally, similarly as with any ATM, everyday cutoff points will apply in light of your own bank and records cash withdrawal limit. Begin by opening your Google Pay Wallet.

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